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Nanny Goat

Nanny Goat


Across the street from the USU-Tooele Campus there is a small family farm. The goats are friendly and people are welcome to pet them. There is even a vending machine with a variety of goat treats that you can give the goats. Sara, the nanny for the farmer’s human kids, took my husband, toddler, and I, along with the children she watches and her son, into the field to meet the goats.


Beth: “What do the goats eat and how often?

Sara: “Hay and Alfalfa, morning and night. We have to break up the bales to or else they will fight.”

Beth: “Are you giving formula to the baby goat that was rejected by its Mama?”

Sara: “I thought I would have to. When they [the farmers she works for] gave me the 24 hour care instructions, for the goat kid, I was told to give it whole cow’s milk. Apparently they recently read an article saying it was better than using formula; which is fine by me, less work then mixing a bottle.”

Beth: “What do they raise the goats for? Milk?

Sara: “Meat, mostly personal use, they have 3 freezers full of goat meat. The do sell some for profit. Boers [which are the breed of these goats] are known as meat goats.”


Though the goats pictured seemed docile enough, Sara told us that the goats are excellent jumpers, and some have been moved to different pastures, because they kept jumping the fence. The goats were tolerant of the toddlers trying to jump all over them.  In addition to the goats they have many other animals. Cattle that they raise for beef, slaughtering them when they are deemed “big enough,” or basically when they have need for more meat in their freezers. Chickens, that lay everywhere, but have trained to use the roosting boxes with a trick learned from the internet of keeping a golf ball in the nest where they wanted the chickens to lay. Lastly, there was horses there very happy to have us pet them and to try to eat the hair of the toddlers. We spent just over an hour in the goat pasture, over the last month we have petted the goats from the fence a few times, it was a fun little trip. I keep telling my husband that I want to bring home a pet goat now, he seems unamused, instead telling me of their vicious natures as tools in ancient rituals, and how their devious nature is immortalized in the god Pan I remain unconvinced. 

Additional Pictures of the farm.


Baby Goats are hungry. 

Goats for sale!


Can you spot the baby? (she's hiding)


Goats and chickens...

To keep the goats healthy, the farmers have setup a feeding area with goat approved snacks.

The goats have been around humans enough to eat out of their hands.   Even small children can feed the goats here.